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November 30, 2015

Last Call – Bryspun Flexible Knitting Needles

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We are a bit behind getting some of our “newly found” products online.  We told our newsletter  subscribers that we found a shipment of Bryspun Knitting Needles in our storage area that was never unpacked, and we planned to get them on the website several days ago.  We missed our target by a few days, but the entire Bryspun shipment is now online.  We have many, but not all sizes of the double points and circular needles in stock.  To see what’s available visit our online store.

bryspun at

bryspun at

Apparently the Bryspun circular needles are now discontinued.  So, if you like knitting with flexible needles, this is your last chance to buy this brand.  I haven’t checked if the double points are discontinued or not, but the double points are still on the manufacturer’s website.   We have learned that another company is making a similar circular knitting needle.  At this point I haven’t had an opportunity to look at the new     company’s needles, but a quick check on this product indicates that they cost quite a bit more than the Bryspun needles do.  For now, we will sell what we have in stock.  In the future, we may bring in the similar product that is now sold, but nothing is certain.  Because we have so many needles that we already stock, we may wait to add another line, especially since the new similar product cost more.

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