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May 30, 2011

Unpacked – Finally!

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Procrastination! For some reason, our magazines are the last things that get our attention. They arrive, and the packages get put somewhere . . . and sit and sit and sit! Why you might ask? Well, we have yarn to unpack, pictures of the yarn to take, descriptions to write, and to get everything on the website. Although these are valid things that we need to do, it still doesn’t help get the magazines online. We are trying to change our ways, and have put several magazines online in the past few days.

In one of the boxes we found the latest installment of the Debbie Bliss Magazines, the Spring/Summer 2011 edition. I must say that the patterns are lovely as usual. There are many changes in this magazine. In prior Debbie Bliss magazines, while the designs were always lovely, they were not always new. Some had previously been printed in other Debbie Bliss publications. We have now been assured (from the publisher) that starting with this spring/summer 2011 magazine;, “all of the projects in [the] fashion section will be brand new, designed solely for these pages.”

You can view select patterns from this magazine at our online shop. Our online shop also has a very detailed listing of the magazine’s articles and features, so that you will get a very good sneak peak of what is inside the magazine. Many shops have already sold out of this magazine. In a way, it works out well for some that we are making it available to our customers a few months late. So, if you thought you missed the boat on this magazine, there is still time to purchase it!

May 15, 2011

All Dressed Up In Cotton

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With the season changing, and the weather getting warmer — of course, except for the pacific northwest that seems to always be soaking wet from drenching rain — it’s the perfect time to knit something cute and quick for your little girl. We have put on our website a few of the many patterns that we stock that use Ty-Dy yarn. We will get the rest of the patterns online as soon as possible. This yarn is one of our newest additions to the shop, a multicolored 100% cotton yarn. I’m sure your little girl would love to have one of these cute tops!

Fiesta Toddler Top
Fiesta Toddler Top

Petals Baby Cardie

Pinata Toddler Tank

These patterns can be found at our online store. Look under patterns, and then Knit One Crochet Too.

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