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August 9, 2006

NW Yarn Market

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It’s been awhile since I last posted. There’s a lot of work to do, and stocking the shelves takes priority over the blog. I recently went to the Northwest Needle Arts Market, and saw some familiar faces that I have not seen for some time. I ordered lots of goodies. Ten color ways of Noro Kureyon and five color ways of Silk Garden should be here any day, along with new pattern books for these yarns.

For felting fanatics, I ordered 17 different colors of the new Ella Rae wool yarn. It is 100% wool, 220 yards, and is perfect for felting. This yarn is soft, and less expensive than other popular felting yarns. We also have the Noni felted bag patterns in stock. They will be up on the website as soon as possible. Here are pictures of three Noni bags:Majolica BagThree BaguettesBobbles Bobbles

In September, expect to see Bryspun, Brittany and Hiya Hiya knitting needles. For lace knitters, there is a shipment of 27 colors of Brown Sheep cotton fine yarn scheduled for September delivery. At the very end of the market, I ran into the sales representative for Joseph Galler yarns. There was one yarn, the Peruvian Tweed, that was so soft, I kept squeezing it. It is a dk weight yarn, made of very soft wool, in natural tweed shades. As soon as this yarn comes in I will put a picture of it up on the website.

On to other news . . . we finally put our Jamieson’s Shetland yarns on the website. At least we thought all of the Jamieson yarns were on the website, until we found another box of these yarns sitting under a table (where the box had no business being). Not all of the pictures are on the website yet, but for many of the yarns we now include the full color cards. So, until all of the individual yarns are photographed, click on any yarn with a photo, and there should be a link to the full color card for that yarn.

We are still working on getting the rest of our patterns, books, and kits online, but we are making progress.

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