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September 14, 2011

Kureyon Socks – Frogged!

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Okay, I frogged the Kureyon Socks. I really tried to like this yarn for socks, but after ripping it out and starting over several times, I decided that this yarn is better suited for something else, as it is spun too unevenly for my taste for socks. When knitting with size one needles, I certainly need something spun more uniformly. I’ve knitted for more than 30 years, and trying to make socks out of this yarn was not worth the aggravation! I know that all of the people who love to make socks with this yarn are fuming right now. But, I can only tell you of my honest observations (and frustrations) while trying to knit a pair of socks with this uneven, and easily tangled yarn was. For socks, stick with the known reliable sock yarns such as Regia, Shepherd Sock, Claudia Handpainted, Bearfoot, or Louet Gems. For a lovely colorful shawl or scarf, Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn works just fine.

So, what do I do with this skein of yarn? I went to Ravelry, and did a search on Kureyon Sock yarn, and found that many people were making shawls and scarves out of it. They seemed to like working with this yarn on larger needles. I found a lovely free shawl pattern, called Multnomah. Here is a picture of Multnomah:

It is knit from the top down in garter stitch, with increases at the beginning and center of the shawl. There is a feather and fan border that you begin once the width of the shawl is complete. It’s called a shawl, but is more of a short capelet, as it only drapes 19″ at its deepest point. I’m knitting mine on size five needles, and I am increasing the pattern to be a full shawl. It’s going to take a while to finish this. If I were making the original size, I would have already started the feather and fan border, but for the larger size, I still need to increase another 50 or so stitches before beginning the border. The total stitches are in excess of 300, so it takes some time to see any progress. This is not the best picture of the shawl, as it’s unblocked, is still on my needles, and the corners are folded over to fit the picture, but here is what I have so far:

I’m going to put this aside for a few weeks to work on two Christmas presents/projects that are quicker knit items.

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