Vintage Knits Update

January 10, 2016

Surprise, Surprise

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We had a few coupon sales in December.  The response was overwhelming, but we still have lots of clearance yarn that needs to sell, so that we have room for our upcoming new yarns.  So, most of the coupons that were out last month have been extended until the end of this month.  Try the coupon codes.  They will all probably still work!

January 8, 2016

Colinette – The End Of An Era!

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For the past ten years, Vintage Knits Wool Shoppe has been your ‘go-to’ shop for Colinette Yarns. Sadly, it has come to an end. We recently received notice that Colinette is no longer selling yarn to shops, and at this point, we are unsure if their flagship shop in Wales will remain open.

Our holiday season sales cleared out our remaining stock of Colinette yarns and kits.  It’s all gone, and we are as sad as anyone that we will not be able to bring you this wonderful yarn again.  We are currently looking for a replacement for Colinette.  If you have any requests or suggestions, email us.  Stay tuned, 2016 will usher in several new hand-dyed yarn lines to Vintage Knits.

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