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October 25, 2006

Corn Yarn?

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New yarns are arriving faster than we can inventory and stock them. This week has been especially busy for our UPS and FedEx drivers. Our first shipments of Southwest Trading Company’s Karaoke arrived. The colors are beautiful, take a look.
Karaoke This yarn is so soft, as soon as I touched it, I couldn’t wait to start knitting a sweater out of it. So, here goes another project on my needles. It is also great for all of your felting projects. Let us know if you are interested in solid colors. Everyone seems to like multicolored yarns, but we think that trend might be changing.

Also, in this shipment was our first installment of aMaizing. This yarn is made from corn. It sounds crazy, but the yarn is really made from corn. No, you cannot eat it! Who would have thought of this but South West Trading Company? They are the front runner in bringing new innovative yarns to the market. Just watch, in about six months, everyone else will have yarn with corn content in it. It happened with bamboo, why should this be any different? aMaizing is a very soft tape yarn. You can use it in any pattern calling for dk weight yarn. We will be adding more colors soon. Here are the colors we currently stock.
aMaizing As usual, these yarns are 10% off retail. To purchase these yarns visit our online catalogue.

Yarns are not the only new arrival that we have around here. This is our most precious arrival. Her name is Nadia. These pictures were taken a few months back when she was about 3 months old. She is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and keeps our other puppy company.

NadiaNadia's First Bath

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