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December 8, 2008

Knitting Needle Changes

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Last week we found out that the manufacturer of our wonderful KA Circular Knitting Needle Set raised the price of the Optional Cord Set. Apparently they were not making any money on the optional cord set because it was being sold below cost. The Optional Cord Set is still available, but the cost has doubled. Yes, I said doubled. The new price for the KA optional cord set is $40.00 instead of the original price of $20.00. The good news is that there was no increase in the KA Bamboo Circular Needle Set.

The lovely floral fabric case for the KA Circular Needle Set has been discontinued. This is the case that we picture in the item description of this needle set. The manufacturer buys a specific quantity of various fabrics for their needle cases. Once each fabric is gone, they buy other fabric to make their needle cases. We are not going to redo the pictures of the needle case that we have online. It is very time consuming to take the pictures. Also, with the fabrics constantly changing, it would be a never-ending project to keep up with the current available fabric cases. Please note that when this product is ordered, we will ship whatever fabric case that is currently in stock.

Also on the knitting needle news front, we are pleased to announce that we are bringing in nearly the entire line of KA Bamboo Knitting Needles. Much of this needle line is already in stock, including the hard to find 9″ and 12″ circular knitting needles, and the 4″ double point knitting needles. The balance of the KA knitting needles should arrive this week. We will carry the entire KA knitting needle line, with the exception of their flex needles. I have never used a flex needle, nor had any customer request one. If anyone would like the flex needles, we may decide to carry them.

Here’s a look at the KA bamboo circular and double point needles (click the image for a larger view):

KA knitting needles are very smooth, lightweight and have nice points. The circular needles have a flexible cable, with a swivel bearing so the cords never twist. The joins are flawless, with a very smooth transition from cord to needle.

Since we are bringing in nearly the entire KA bamboo knitting needle line, we rethought our needle inventory, and which products we will stock. We have decided to phase out the Crystal Palace line of knitting needles and their sock yarns that we carry. While Crystal Palace makes very good knitting needles, the KA line is comparable (if not nicer) in quality, but with a significantly lower sales price. We have quite an inventory of Crystal Palace knitting needles in stock, so these needles will be here for a while until they sell. But, they will not be restocked.

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