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July 9, 2007

Color Coordinated Chenille and Cotton Yarns

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Two new yarns from Araucania arrived. What is exciting about these yarns is that they are both hand painted in color coordinated colors. Araucania Pehuen is a worsted weight, 100% cotton, hand dyed boucle yarn. This yarn has lots of texture and color variance. It has 131 yards and is knit at 4 stitches to the inch on size 6 needles. We have this yarn on sale for $14.40 (regular price $16.00). Pehuen is hand painted in Chile, in a number of lovely color-ways. Pehuen is a good choice for sweaters, cardigans, ponchos, scarves and children’s garments.

Here is what was included in our first shipment of Pehuen, click on any photo to see a larger picture:

pehuen colors 3 and 2 pehuen colors 11 and 10

Araucania Quellon is a very soft heavy worsted chenille type yarn. It is a viscose cotton blend that is hand dyed to match its sister yarn, Pehuen. Use Quellon for sweaters, cardigans, ponchos, afghans, shawls, stoles and scarves. You can also use this yarn for the ever popular Clapotis pattern. The link to this pattern is on our main site under the free patterns section. Quellon can also be substituted for any pattern calling for Touch Me by Muench Yarns. Quellon has 161 yards, and knits at 3.5 stitches to the inch on size 6-8 needles. We have this yarn on sale for $14.40 (regular price $16.00)

Here is what was included in our first shipment of Quellon, click on any photo to see a larger picture:

quellon colors 13, 15, 2 quellon colors 11, 10, 3

We also unpacked three boxes of books. All are on the website except a few titles. If you dye your own yarn, check out our new books on hand dyeing. We have in stock A Dyers Garden, Hands on Dyeing, Indigo Madder and Marigold, and The Ashford book of Dyeing. All four books are good, but I am partial for A Dyers Garden. It is summer, and I love to plant, so this book really got my attention. It tells you about what plants to grow that can be used for dying, and has a small section on laying out your garden. It also shows you pictures of how a color/dye will look on several different fibers. It is hard to believe that some of the photo’s are the same color. But, after reading this book, you will understand why the same color on cotton looks very different on wool.

We have 9 more boxes that arrived, and are yet to be opened, they are shipments from Mountain Colors, Louet, KFI and Bryson Distributing. We will get these inventoried and on the website as quickly as possible. Expect to see lots of new yarns, and yarns dyes this week. Of course, if you would like to purchase any of our products, visit our online catalogue.

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