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July 25, 2010

Checking In

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When you don’t see any posts, we probably have our hands full with our four legged friends. As many of you know, we breed and show our dogs, hoping for the next Westminster champion. Sasha, our tricolor cavalier king charles spaniel had her first litter. It was a nice size litter of five puppies. All healthy and beautiful, but not one looked like her. I’m going to keep a girl out of this litter. I’ve named her Katrina for a reason, but since it’s not politically correct, I’ll skip putting it in print. Here are a few pictures of the puppies (click the images for a larger view):

the girls
Vintage Cavalier Girls

The Boys
Vintage Cavalier Boys

The girls were about five weeks old, and the boys were about eight weeks old when their pictures were taken. It’s hard to believe that they started out so small, between 5 and 7 ounces each. Other than the necessities, such as shipping out our orders, everything pretty much stops when we have a litter. The puppies are so small and fragile, all of our attention goes to making sure they are kept warm, and are gaining weight. For more information about our dogs, check out the Vintage Cavalier website.

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