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October 4, 2011

Sprout – A New Cotton Yarn

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Okay, we have had this box of yarn sitting here for more than three months, and have finally opened it, so it is still new to us. How did we let the season go by, and let this yarn sit? Well, one reason was that I unexpectedly had a foster child placed with me at the end of June. This was my first and last experience at being a foster mother. It is a lot of hard work that I was commandeered to do to help out a really good friend of mine. So, trying to run two businesses, take care of several dogs, and now the addition of a three and a half year old child meant that something wasn’t going to get done. You guessed it, all of the new yarn just sat, boxed and unopened. The “little one” is no longer in my care, so we are going through the boxes of unopened yarn one by one.

The first box had several colors of Sprout, a 100% organic cotton yarn. Sprout is from Classic Elite, and is part of their earth-friendly Verde Collection. If you are concerned about the environment, and are implementing organics into your life as I am, you will love Sprout. Here are two pictures of Sprout:

As you will see, Sprout has a nubbly texture. Sprout is a heavy worsted to bulky weight cotton yarn. It is made of one strand of cotton, with a thread twisted around the cotton, which gives it the nubbly look. Sprout knits on size 10 needles, making it the perfect yarn for chunky, quick knit, really soft garments. To see all of the colors of Sprout that we stock and to purchase the yarn, visit our online store.

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